Salvador Dali: ”Soft Construction with Boiled Beans,” (Premonition Civil War)1936

6 Nov

He said. Dali, as his eyes were closed.

He said, it was coming,

accidentally tipped, a can of boiled beans.

Spaniards roared, the division, too long ignored.

Manifest. Foreshadows in the summer sky,

fumes like moss, impregnated onto

a hybrid night, a horseman named Franco.

He said, as his hands onto canvas moved, it was coming.

This beast, evil and civil,

he could see, sadistic  solitary games.

The type children should not play.

War came,

and then like Pandora’s box.

His mind unlocked.

Heat of guns.

Melt the clock.

Not soon, not late.

One bean he ate.




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