Propaganda Posters of Socialist Russia

4 Dec

The beginning years of the Soviet Union’s empire abducted art as a means to assure and communicate the glorious accomplishments made possible through the leadership of Lenin and Stalin, and the good book of Karl Marx. The paintings produced through the movement of Soviet Social Realism, in my opinion, are ridiculous. Their obvious agenda as a tool of propaganda overshadows any artistic aptitude. Though the rise of Constructivism proved to be a powerful method of engaging the public with a strong and progressive design.


There is no revolutionary movement out of revolutionary theory. 1927


The Red Army soldier, bring books of Gosizdat Publishers into every house. The book is light and knowledge. 1925


Every femele cook should learn to govern the state (Lenin). 1925


2 + 2 = 5. The arithmetic of an industrial-financial counter-plan plus enthusiasm of workers. 1931


Shock workers of the fields, engage in fighting for the socialist reconstruction of agriculture! 1932


Working people of all countries and oppressed colonies. Stand up under the banner of Lenin! 1932


“The aim of the Union is an overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the supremacy ot the proletariat and the elimination of old bourgeois society based on class opposition” (Karl Marx). 1932


Stalin’n’ spirit inspire and defend our Army and Motherland! 1939

To view more of these amazing posters visit source


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