Re-Post: A Hardcopy

4 Dec

Articles and images pertaining to world events are effortlessly obtained with a search on the internet. For those who choose to stay unaware, they will more than likely get a glimpse of the world through social media shares and re-post. More often than not, an image or opinion will replace an extended news report, and that image will most likely be a photograph. The art of the propaganda poster being wheat pasted onto a neighborhood building has gone the way of the digital announcement, becoming a minuscule embellishment on the computer monitor.


This poster by Tim Simons reminds me of a music festival poster. Lets revolt tonight dude! But honestly, Simons poster is reflecting a familiarity in its design, the xeroxed-guerrilla-figure look can only mean one thing right? Not to mention the distressed marks on the edges and typeface (this show is gonna be sick). How else can visual artist persuade the public to participate in action or awareness?



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