Emil Nolde: Degenerate Artist

11 Dec


Name: Emil Nolde, originally Emil Hansen

Born: August 7, 1867 in Schleswig

Was he still in the “Fatherland”?

From what I have found on the exhibition involving Nolde it appears he was not in the country when the show was going on.

Has this so-called “artist” written or said anything that would implicate him as an Enemy Combatant of the Third Reich?

Actually, Emil was a sympathizer of the Nazi Party. He was opposed to many Jewish artist’s and paintings and had even become a part of the Dutch sector of the Nazi Party. He even expressed that he felt Expressionism was solely German and others were going off a German form of painting.

How many of his works of “art” were included in theEntartete “Kunst” (Degenerate “Art”) show in Munich in 1937?

It doesn’t state an exact number of how many of his pieces were in the actual show, but it is known of the 1052 pieces taken from museums he did have some shown in the Degenerate Art show. Out of everyone in the show, he did have the most confiscated from museums/galleries.

Below, are 5 examples of his artwork:



Emil Nolde, Blumengarten (ohne Figur), oil on canvas, 1908


Emil Nolde The Prophet, woodcut, 1912



Head with Pipe (Self Portrait) (1907) Lithograph



Emil Nolde, Wheat Field, Oil on canvas


Emil Nolde, Marschlandschaft, oil on canvas


L. Engle







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